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January 2016 Newsletter



My compatriots and I have TAKEN CONTROL of a storage shed behind DreamHost's offices to protest their oppressive and unjust support of cat pictures on the Internet!

Simply put, there are far too many of them, and DreamHost has enabled these vile photos to spread disproportionately in relation to dog pictures, which are truly an under-represented minority on the Internet.

We are dog lovers! We will not be swayed from our mission!


We intend to stay in this shed for as long as it takes DreamHost to understand the TRUTH of their actions and the UNAMERICANNESS of it all!

While many of our fellow canine enthusiasts have told us to go home, you should pay them no mind. We definitely are not. They are...misinformed about the importance of our mission.

They don't understand that we do this for ALL dog lovers who lack the time, the energy, or the semiautomatic weapons to stand up against web host oppression!

We stand for them! At some point a line must be drawn in the sand, and we have drawn it!

Cats are the worst! DREAMHOST ARE YOU LISTENING!?!?

We're going to stay here as long as it takes. Days. Weeks. Months!

We're not going home until we run out of snacks. Which we're dangerously close to doing. Please, send snacks.


Encrypted Website Traffic - FREE!

We told you about this last month, and it's finally here!

Prior to early December 2015, if you wanted to encrypt your website's traffic, you needed to shell out some dough for what's called a "secure certificate". This certificate, issued by a trusted third party, would then be installed on your site to confirm to its visitors that you are, in fact, who you say you are.

In December a project called "Let's Encrypt" came along, promising to issue these certificates - free of charge - to *anyone* requesting them.

Encrypting your website traffic is like getting vaccinated - there is no downside, and any purported links to autism can be easily and thoroughly debunked by science! You do it to protect not only yourself, but also the privacy rights of that burgeoning herd of biomass we call humanity.

DreamHost has now fully integrated Let's Encrypt's functionality into our control panel. What does that mean for you? It means you can now enable security on your website (aka: HTTPS, aka: "that little green lock in your browser") by clicking a single checkbox in your control panel!

It's that easy!

DreamHost Wiki: Let's Encrypt

If warrantless government surveillance doesn't freak you out enough to encrypt your website(s)' traffic, then maybe this little nugget will:

Google Webmaster Central Blog: HTTPS as a ranking signal

Google announced - way back in 2014 - that they're using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Google's search results will favor encrypted sites over those that are insecure, and the weighting that secure sites are given will only increase over time.

And the Chrome browser? It'll start flagging insecure sites with a big red X soon enough!

The Chromium Project: Marking HTTP As Non-Secure


Encryption for every website owner is now completely free and, with DreamHost, incredibly easy to enable.

Do it for the herd!

Quick Question!

We've got a quick question for you this month...

Where'd you get that pretty lookin' site?!

Take DreamHost's January Survey!


DreamHost WTF: Cron Jobs!

What's that feature? It's Cron Jobs!

If you're a software developer, or if you've spent any amount of time around a command line, you're likely already familiar with Cron. If not, let me give you the down-low.

Cron is a time-based job-scheduling system. It allows you to automate the issuance of repetitive commands at regular intervals.

(Issuance is a word. I looked it up.)

Anything that you'd throw down on a command line with your own two hands can be scheduled to run as frequently as you'd like with Cron jobs.

Creating Cron jobs can be a tricky affair, requiring you to edit config files and learn proper syntax. While you can certainly do it that way, at DreamHost we've taken things a step further and have built a pretty web GUI to make using Cron much, much easier.

Simply visit The "Cron Jobs" section of your DreamHost control panel to start Cronning away!

DreamHost Web Panel: Cron Jobs

We've made it crazy easy to set up Cron jobs from within your control panel, but we've also put together some documentation juuust in case you need a little more help.

DreamHost Wiki: Crontab

Go get your Cron on!

DreamHost Site Of The Month

A website can receive no higher honor than to be named a DreamHost Site Of The Month. It is the website award that all other website awards aspire to be.

Each month YOU submit your sites for consideration and one lone DreamHost employee picks their favorite. That person is me.

This month's site of the month iiiiiis....

Mason Kazel - Art Director
"I'm Mason, and I direct art. ...when it wants to listen..."


Passion and style!

Thanks for submitting, @pipskidoodle!

Every month we get a bunch of really good entries for the DreamHost SOTM, and you should check them out! I'm serious. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes digging through them all!

View DreamHost Site Of The Month Entries

If you'd like your site to be considered as a site of the month, just TWEET your site's URL(s) with the #DreamHostSOTM hashtag and we'll take it from there. Enter as many months as you like!

We'll search through all the entries at the end of the month and assign a winner to the one site that tickles our fancies the most.


See ya next month!
Brett D!

P.S. - If DreamHost's pro-cat agenda disgusts you, you can always unsubscribe from their monthly newsletters. That'd be a good first step.


P.P.S. - Sending us snacks would be a good second step. Please. We're very hungry.